No matter if you’ve just moved into a new office space or you’re looking to replace your old chair, selecting an office chair is a big decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. An ergonomic chair is a vital piece of creating a comfortable and efficient workspace as it has features that allow adjustability and mechanisms that support every body type. These adjustments allow users to customize certain features of the chair (e.g., arm height and seat depth, etc.) to best support their individual body throughout the work day.

 There is no one-chair fits-all solution to office seating. You want to balance the need for comfort and being ergonomically correct, but you don’t always need ALL the bells and whistles. That’s why it is important to work with an ergonomic professional who can ask the right questions to provide the right chair for your specific needs.

 Things a professional will consider for your needs:
  • How many hours a day do you spend in your chair?
  • Do you share your chair with someone else?
  • Is your chair used 24/7 (call center, police department, etc.)?
  • Will the chair be used on carpet or hard floors?
  • What is your size (there are petite choices as well as large scale)?
  • Do you have any specific injuries/conditions that need to be addressed?
  • How much adjusting will you need in the arms? (some arms adjust up to 8 ways, some don’t adjust at all)?
  • How much wear and tear will the fabric take?
  • Do you want a mesh or upholstered back/seat?
  • How much do you want to spend?
  • What type of warranty is important for you?

 Be sure to “test drive” the chair in your own environment for a few days to ensure you have what you need. Finally, when your chair is delivered, set up time with your ergonomic professional so that you can learn how to use the various mechanisms. A good ergonomist will also help you make those adjustments specifically for you.

 Consolidated Office Systems offers both the “test drive” option and employs professionals that know the right questions to ask to get you the perfect office chair.



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