Movable Wall Upside

Volo-Image-1-450In the open-office work of collaboration and communication where most walls are coming down (not going up), movable walls, floor-to-ceiling,  accommodate privacy needs and offer the flexibility  to reconfigure tomorrow. Teaming and conference  rooms, training areas and private offices can now  comfortably and economically coexist with more open plans. The wall systems are installed as a furniture “turnkey” concept.  Building an interior space in this way provides many benefits.


  • Faster installation which can reduce costs
  • Simplifying and streamlining the construction process
  • A modern and dynamic look
  • No dust, no paint smell and no waste
  • A fully movable product that can be dismantled and reassembled with normally only an electrician and an installer
  • Potential tax advantages (when categorized as furniture and equipment)

Drywall Process Downside

Traditionally, drywall is constructed at the beginning of a project. Then the other trades are required to work around the walls already in place (e.g., electrical, network cabling, painting, carpet, cleaning, furniture, equipment, etc.). Scheduling and coordination of these sub contractors creates longer delays in building the project, at a higher cost.

Movable walls reinvent this process by treating full-height walls like modular furniture. The building shell made up of electrical, cabling, suspended ceiling, carpet and perimeter finishing is executed in an open space without the presence of walls to obstruct the movement of tradesman and materials.

Do you really need the flexibility of a movable wall?

Really consider in your long term plans whether you need the flexibility that these systems provide. Be sure to ask the right people these questions when looking at this type of system:

  • How long will you be at this location (factoring in whether it is owned or leased space)
  • What’s the rationale for using movable walls?
  • Do you really need and will you really use the flexibility these systems provide?Volo_BOH_2_R-450

If Movable is Right, Choose the Right System (Trendway)

Be sure to choose a “green system” that is a wall system – not a furniture system that grew up to be a wall system:

A company that:

  • Has been designing movable walls for 45 years
  •  Provides a fast lead time (two to four weeks)
  • Integrates with both existing building infrastructure and systems furniture
  • Provides a broad palette of standard surface materials and finishes
    • Veneer
    • Tackable/fabric
    • Laminate and faux veneer
    • Tempered and decorative glazing
    • Writable/magnetic back painted glass in a choice of colors

Call us today for a free estimate and to see how we can help you with your movable wall systems using Trendway Products. 

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