To Cubicle or Not to Cubicle?

So you’re moving to a new location and trying to decide whether to go the cubicle route or use free standing desks. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages and it really depends on the type of work your employees do.

 Cubicle Upside

Cubicles do provide employees with barriers from some noise and visual distractions which allows for better concentration. They also offer a certain degree of privacy, along with the impression that each employee has their own dedicated workspace. Cubicle walls also offer more space for shelves and make it easier to post calendars, notes and memos.

 Cubicle Downside

Cubicles have been known to decrease person-to-person communication, leading to frequent complaints about isolation and even potentially low employee morale. If not done well, they can be bland and have been the subject of ridicule in comic strips such as Dilbert and movies such as Office Space.

 What Do Your Employees Actually Do?

If your employees spend the majority of their workday on the phone conversing with clients or the general public, going the cubicle route might make sense, as the space provides the quiet needed to conduct private conversations. For instance, employees of an auto insurance company can most likely sit in a cubicle environment.

 If your employees spend the majority of their days on their computer and have little or no need to be on the phone, an open workspace plan might be a better approach. If you’ve got a team of artists or designers who frequently work in collaboration with one another, an airy, open workspace approach may work better. Not only is the aesthetic more inviting to creative types (who don’t enjoy being literally boxed in) but is also gives employees the freedom to collaborate on projects.

 Cubicle World is Not Totally Soundproof

Many employers (themselves housed in private offices) think the cubicle setup drowns out all sounds of chatter and noise. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. One important issue that rarely is considered when cubicles are installed is the quality of the ceilings and floors in the office. Acoustic floor coverings and ceiling panels should be essential parts of a plan to reduce office noise.

 Be Creative with Your Choices

Think color. In today’s world your options for laminate, paint color and fabric are almost limitless. Including a splash of color in your cubicle setup is bound to brighten not only your office but the outlook of the employee sitting inside it.

If you can, include your employees in some of these decisions so there’s no “buyers remorse” when your employees are having difficulty working in their new space because they were not asked about their needs. Making changes after cubicles are installed can lead to additional unplanned costs.

 Your partner..Consolidated Office Systems

Consolidated Office Systems is fully prepared to help you make these decisions with our vast background and experience in helping others create comfortable and esthetically pleasing workspace. We work with you to determine your needs and then design the space and create floor plans taking all of the necessary information into consideration. We have multiple lines of workstations and will help you choose which one will work best for your line of business and the type of work your employees do.


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