About Us

About Us

At Consolidated Office Systems, located in Southern California, we understand that in today’s environment there are numerous projects and not  enough man power or budget. That’s when you turn to us, a trusted partner, an extension of you. We provide an extra pair of hands to facilities, purchasing, office and project managers to turn space into a comfortable esthetically pleasing productive environment.

We start at the beginning by working closely with you to determine needs, provide space planning options, assist in choosing from myriad of options for furniture or storage needs and finally deliver and install all within your timeline and budget. 

Our goal is to ensure a successful transition whether it’s a move, an expansion, starting a new business or if you just need a couple pieces of furniture. 

Pick from any of these services

  • Field Measure Your Space
  • Create Custom Floor Plans
  • Create Project Plans and Implementation Time Lines
  • Consult in Choosing the Best Products
  • Maintain Chairs and other Products Under Warranty
  • Deliver Ergonomic Chairs to your Office to “Test Drive” for Best Fit and Comfort
“Consolidated Office Systems and Marshall B Ketchum University have maintained a long-standing relationship. They are our “go to” company for our office furniture needs such as cubicle reconfiguration, new workstations, cased office furniture, chairs, mobile filing systems, etc. We have worked together at our Fullerton campus and our location in downtown Los Angeles. We are pleased with the level of service we receive on each occasion when dealing with Mark and Patti”
Greg Smith
Marshall B. Ketchum University (MBK)

Other services provided at a cost

  • Installation Service
  • Relocation Services
  • Workstation Reconfiguration
“I wanted to thank the great team at Consolidated Office Systems. They helped us with the planning and layout of our lobby seating as well as filing solutions during our office remodel and expansion and were always professional and courteous. The products we ordered were delivered on time and look wonderful in our new lobby. They are always happy to help with anything we need, even after delivery. Thanks again.”
John D. Zdral M.D.
Medical Director, Fullerton Eye Institute

Why Us

We have a solid 30 year track record.

We create efficient use of space and enhanced employee efficiency resulting in cost savings.

  • We’re considered experts in the field by our customers, ranging from projects for the boardroom to the warehouse and apply that knowledge and experience to your needs.
  • We focus on long term relationships that ultimately make it easier for you to conduct business with us because we come to understand your environment and needs.
  • We work with you from project conception to post implementation providing our expertise all along the way.
  • We can become an extension of your organization, using our expertise, so you don’t have to become the expert.
  • We maintain a relationship with over 30 of the best manufacturers who use environmentally conscious practices and processes.
  • Many of our manufacturers offer lifetime warranties preserving your initial investment.
  • We offer a full range of products and pricing to meet your needs and budget requirements.